Greenest City Staff

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Angela ElzingaCheng
Executive Director

Angela ElzingaCheng grew up working in a farming community providing a foundation for her food and growing knowledge.   She has been a community organizer and developer for over 17 years, and worked at FoodShare for ten years after working at a neighbourhood-based food security organization in Vancouver, Canada and getting a Master’s in Social Work at the University of British Columbia with a focus on community development and anti-oppression. Angela’s passion is to support change towards a more just society that reflects the diversity of Toronto through food and environment justice work.  In the past, she has been involved with nationwide political action related to education reform.

Angela, in her ten years at FoodShare,  supported Good Food Markets, community kitchens, community gardens, neighbourhood-based food planning, consulted to other cities on engagement and consultation practices, organized many city-wide events bringing politicians, funders, and community leaders together.  Her knowledge of food growing, bringing people together to lead food initiatives and her leadership across the city provides Greenest City with skills to lead the development of exciting new projects and support of the existing impactful projects.

Chimu Titi
Urban Agriculture Coordinator


Adrian DiLena
Community Cooking Coordinator

Adrian DiLena is a cook, bread baker and struggling gardener. An artist and arts administrator early on, Adrian soon became enamoured with the world of food - spending years as a line cook before specializing as a sourdough bread baker since 2015. His interests in art and food have led him to lead a number of small ad-hoc projects attempting to blend these seemingly disparate practices together. Adrian is excited to be a part of Greenest City and looking forward to contributing to the organization’s impact in the Parkdale community.

Creative Reuse Toronto:
A partnership initiative with Greenest City

  • Helen Melbourne [Pictured] - Coordinator

  • Sabine Spare - Assistant Coordinator

  • Nikki Lam - Assistant Coordinator

  • Shareen Ally - Outreach and Communications Assistant

  • Tsering Dolma - Outreach and Communications Assistant

Board of Directors


Our Board of Directors for 2019

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Chair: Stephanie Nixon

Vice-Chair: Chelsea Longaphy

Treasurer: Tanya Pausch

Secretary: Tanya Mahbubani

Directors: Alina Racoviceanu, Jennifer Robinson, Jeremy Mullin, Lalitha Panchakarla, Melinda Yogendran, and Mathieu McFadden.