Growing the Future

Growing the Future

Growing the Future is a registered after school environmental food education program for youth.

Teen mentors work with staff and field experts to engage children in various lessons and activities surrounding food and environmental literacy. Participants learn everything from how to grow from seed to how cook numerous nutritional meals.

Through learning to cook and garden together, youth deepen their connection with the food system, their community and the environment.

Lasting benefits include:

  • New transferable skills
  • New types of volunteer opportunities
  • Beautifying and greening Parkdale
  • Increased cultural awareness
  • Contributions to the local food bank
  • Increased health for participants

The Growing the Future program has been running for approximately 5 years.

The program is offered weekly during the year, and there has been a summer component that occurs multiple times a week (dependent on funding).

The program is run at the Masaryk-Cowan Community Centre – primarily in the kitchen, as well as in the learning garden outside. They are situated in Parkdale in Toronto.