Milky Way Garden

The Milky Way Garden is a unique plot of privately owned, currently unused land behind the Parkdale Public Library. It provides an active outdoor learning component to a local ESL program. With members of our team and ESL teacher Tish, the students are able to seed, care for, grow, and harvest many of their traditional foods.

With permission from the owner, the temporary garden began in 2007. It used 160 recycling bins and food storage containers, and was maintained by a group of ESL students from the library made up of adult learners from around the world.

Years passed, and after a soil test came back contaminated, the students and a group of community volunteers joined Greenest City to construct 12 self-contained, raised bed gardens out of cedar planks in 2013.

Today, we are working with the Parkdale Community Land Trust to purchase the land for continued community benefit. This will give us the ability to invest in the land, grow more food on top of it, and experiment with soil remediation.

Purchasing the Milky Way Garden is only the first step towards achieving our ambitious goals for this space. Any extra money we raise will be going towards planning and long term visioning of the space.