Our History and Values

Our History

Since our beginning in 1996, Greenest City has worked with Toronto’s communities to create innovative projects that promote health, support community action, and enhance social and environmental justice in Toronto. Our programs equip and inspire participants of all ages and stages to achieve local solutions that improve the state of the environment.

Greenest City is an award-winning organization that has built a reputation as a trusted community builder within the Parkdale community of Toronto, and maintained our position as a desired project partner among peers, city and province-wide.

Our achievements over the past 20 years include:

  • helping over 45 communities start community gardens across the Greater Toronto Area

  • publishing best practice guides for social programming such as community gardening and youth environmental education

  • partnering on the Co-op Credit Program, a community food security project that is based on an alternative currency model.

In 2014, we joined some of the leading organizations across Canada by achieving accreditation from Imagine Canada. We are the smallest non-profit in Canada to achieve this accreditation.


Our Values


We embrace diversity by recognizing and sharing the knowledge, experience and stories of community members.


We foster respect for the environment, the community and each other through the actions we take, the programs we run and the way in which we communicate with others.

Personal Growth

We provide the space, support and opportunity for people to learn and take initiative.


We recognize leadership comes in many different forms and support community members in the discovery of how they can lead. We encourage community members to set an example for others by sharing their knowledge and learning in culturally and age appropriate ways.


We reach beyond traditional boundaries to collaborate with individuals and groups with environmental, health and social interests.