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The Great Garden Adventure (GGA) is a program run by the Toronto Green Communityand is supported by Greenest City. The program is aimed at kids ages 5-10 and runs every Monday from 2pm - 4pm, starting in July and finishing in late August. Greenest City's Great Garden Adventure will be run out of our Dunn Garden location, near Masaryk Park. However, though Greenest City's program will be run out this location, we also encourage you to take a look at all the program locations made available by a number of gardens around the city, all in partnership with the Toronto Green Community, by clicking the earlier link to their website.

If you're interested in signing you're child up for the Great Garden Adventure either email the Toronto Green Community directly at, call Greenest City's head office at 647-438-0038, or fill out the following form and hit submit. Regardless of your choice contact method, someone from the program will get back to you shortly with more information regarding the program and how to sign up.

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