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Evaluation RFP: Food, Environment and Social Connections

We have a Request for Proposal for an Evaluations project with Greenest City! You can download the full information here.

Greenest City is seeking the services of a consultant/organization to measure the impact of our food and environment programs and partnerships, contribute information to our strategic plan, and inform our program development.   The programs support community members in increasing access to food, food skills and knowledge, increasing access to nature and land, skills and knowledge to support the stewardship of land, and to connect people to each other to increase inclusion, connections, and community decision-making.

 We are interested in using both quantitative and qualitative research design to provide solid evidence in terms of program process, impacts and outcomes, to inform funders and policy makers, and communicate our impact. You will be working with community members where the survey will need to be translated. 

The findings of this research will also used to inform decision-making in program design, direction of the organization and lead to recommendations to be shared with community, board, government and other stakeholders.


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